PT Hannah and Motherhood

Motherhood for me has been everything I thought it would be and everything I would have never thought.

My love for fitness has definitely saved me throughout my journey, it’s been the one thing that reminds me of my old life. It saved me in my pregnancy, through the months of sleepless nights since my little man arrived and most of all when it comes to the workouts that hurt wayyyy more than they used to. Haha

Obviously the ultimate savior is the never ending warm cuddles, the cheeky little smiles and endless love of my gorgeous wee Archer! 

When it’s come to “getting the pre baby body back” I found discipline has been the key, motivation comes and go’s but discipline is what makes me eat the meals I know my body and baby needs. It is also discipline that encourages those first walks and workouts that make me feel so great. 

I’ve only just started really getting stuck into the hard training I’ve always enjoyed. I wanted to give my body the time it needed to heal and adjust to the demands of being a walking milk machine. 

I love my Bootcamps and the gorgeous girls that attend them, they have been my little escape and hit of inspiration 3 mornings a week. 

If you’d like to join us to get FIT IN 40 DAYS my next challenge starts on March 18th! 

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